Created in 2012, Jubylee is the brand that inspires and accompanies every woman through timeless and unique fashion.

In Jubylee,

We want to share: to allow all women to express their taste for fashion, and the opportunity to combine prints, shapes and colors.

For what ?

The detail of Jubylee pieces makes the woman modern and elegant with a touch of Parisian chic.

How ?

The Jubylee woman is free to be the person she wants to be, to live the way she wants. Jubylee brings together women, from the chic and modern mom to the casual and girly girl.

Jubylee reinvents Parisian style and highlights the assets of every woman.

Joyful, beautiful and feminine, Jubylee offers a look whose unique signature is to offer our customers an overflow of self-confidence by wearing our timeless pieces.